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I have been with Shinberg Insurance for many years and have always been happy with their services.No matter what my questions were or when I had a claim to file, I have always been treated with a courteous and informative response from everyone I have spoke with. Tina C., customer since 1998

I have already recommended you to several folks and they are all happy! Rebecca N., customer since 2011


You spent a lot of time with me in figuring out whether or not an umbrella policy was right for me. Great customer service always. Terri S., customer since 2001

Whenever we have questions we always get them answered in a timely manner.  Shinberg-LTB always gives you options on the coverage that you need and will customize a package that fits your needs both for personal and commercial.Gregory R., Customer since 2013


I have been insured (home and auto) through Shinberg-LTB Insurance Agency for more than 20 years.  The staff is very professional and helpful in answering all of my insurance related questions.  I have referred friends and family to Shinberg-LTB for years.Diane J., Customer since 1996


Every contact with Shinberg-LTB is handled promptly and more importantly, my requests for updates and changes are handled efficiently and accurately. That’s so important but not something that’s as ‘automatic’ at a lot of other companies.Mark N., Customer since 2011


Every time I call in to ask questions involving making new plans or changing existing plans I’m always met with kind and polite agents eager to help. No questions are treated like a stupid question. It’s always very easy to get things taken care of.David H., Customer since 2016


I’ve always felt like the agents at Shinberg-LTB are looking out for my best interests in finding me a quality insurance policy for a good price. I’ve been pleased with my rates and the prompt attention that the agents give when I have a concern.Lori O., Customer since 2016


I’ve been a client of Shinberg-LTB for a very long time, my parents were clients forever as well. I’ve always had rapid responses to any questions or assistance we needed. It really stood out when they called me out of the blue to let me know that if I switched carriers, I could get a better deal. I was blown away that they periodically assess clients’ records to see if changes could benefit them. Extremely grateful for that.Lynn T., Customer since 2013


Shinberg-LTB has always been very helpful and they go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied!Susan D., Customer since 2004


Shinberg-LTB has always provided very good insurance at reasonable rates. We have been customers for 42 years and have never been disappointed with their service.Michael H., Customer since 1977


This agency has made the insurance process a breeze. They are always on top of things and will contact you to make sure the customer (ME) at hand is taken care of!Nicholas T., Customer since 2016


You all have done a fantastic job getting information for me when I’ve needed to have quotes after life changes and for relatives who were in need of information quickly when their life situation changed suddenly. Thank you so much. You’ve earned my gratitude and loyalty. I doubt I’d save any pennies elsewhere, but I’d still stay with Shinberg-LTB for the service. THANK YOU!Robert C., Customer since 2012


The folks at Shinberg-LTB go way above and beyond to ensure that I am well informed, satisfied and happy to stay with Shinberg-LTB (as I have for many years now). Each and every time I have called I get treated with the utmost respect, helpfulness, and kindness. I can’t say that for every business I have dealt with so, thank you!Susan D., Customer since 2004


The employees at Shinberg-LTB are always top notch with information and timeliness. Excellent with getting back to us when we have questions!Raymond H., Customer since 2004


I have been with Shinberg-LTB Insurance for at least 12 years & always have had wonderful customer service from anyone who has answered the phone. I would be pleased to recommend the Agency!Carl G., Customer since 2006


I have been a Shinberg-LTB client for 30 years and have used Auto Owners for auto and homeowner’s insurance that whole time. Whenever I have called their office, I have received great customer service. On the few occasions that I had a claim, they have been helpful and efficient. I wouldn’t change from Shinberg-LTB or Auto Owners.Ronald M., Customer since 1987


Shinberg-LTB Insurance has always treated us like family and they go above and beyond for our needs!! We have been their customer for 20 years.David G., Customer since 1996


Shinberg-LTB has always been readily available to help when needed, very quickly and efficiently. Great service!Andrew V., Customer since 2013


Shinberg-LTB’s customer service reps are always courteous and professional. Responses have always been in a timely manner and follow-up is generally done before I ask for it . These are the things a customer truly wants when contacting an agent. Lower premiums are a plus but I can generally justify paying a little more if the service is good.Robert S., Customer since 2011


The staff is courteous and professional and their prices are very fair. I’ve done comparison shopping over the years that I’ve been with the company and no one can compare. That is why I have multiple policies with Shinberg-LTB. I also like the way the employees are treated!Anna P., Customer since 2002


I only have to contact Shinberg-LTB 2-3 times each year when it’s time to update or renew our cars or home insurance. The process is always easy and the staff is so helpful — simple, fast, courteous, and accurate! Who could ask for more?Mark N., Customer since 2011

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