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April 29, 2019

Being positive is a great approach to life, but hoping for the best won’t cover expenses related to a disability. Shinberg-LTB Insurance prefers to be prepared.

We partner with you to understand your needs, risks, and goals in order to select disability coverage that will provide the most support in case of a disability.

For employers, we suggest enhancing your existing voluntary benefits package by offering voluntary coverages to offset disability and workers’ compensation costs. This will not only sharpen your competitive edge when attracting, engaging, and retaining top-notch employees, but studies show voluntary coverage could also reduce workers’ compensation claims and employee absenteeism.

Voluntary benefits are insurance products offered through a company, but are paid partially or solely by employees on a payroll-deducted basis. Voluntary benefits products include tuition savings, life insurance, and many more.

Available Coverage

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For a group or yourself, contact us today to discuss coverage options.

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